Our Mission...
Is to be committed to providing the best possible health care to our patients and their families. Our qualified professional staff will work closely with the patient's physician to develop and follow the plan of care.
Our Goal

Our goal is to develop a plan of care that assists our patients in achieving the highest level of independence and functional ability within the home setting. We want our patients care to be personalized and their recovery to be as fast as possible. Although quick recuperations are great our company is still dedicated to those who need long-term health care as well.

Advantx is here for you!

We think it’s an important factor for people to know how far our services have reached, literally! We may only have one office location, but for the lifetime of this company we have been providing home care for patients in rural areas. We know it is essential for people to have access to superior home care regardless of their location.

Thank you for your support!

A big part of our home health company is about the trusted relationships that we form with patients and their doctors. These are the people that keep us driven so that we may continue providing the best home care in the area. Throughout the years we have developed a multitude of long standing relationships with the most compassionate and skilled physicians and medical staff available. This is where a great sense of credibility has been established for Advantx and we’d like to thank those of you who’ve helped make us what we are today.


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